Safely Guidline for Air Passenger

Domestic Flights to Resume from 25th May

As you all are set for air travel, government has come out with guidelines that are to be followed by passengers and airport operators.


  • Maintain social distancing
  • Registration on AarogyaSetu App is must
  • Prefer digital payments & use of authorized taxi services
  • Only 1 check-in bag and one cabin bag allowed
  • Older people, pregnant women, and passengers with ailments are recommended not to travel via plane
  • Make sure to Web check-in and obtain a boarding pass
  • Passengers are supposed to download the baggage tag, print it and bind it with the bag
  • In case of unable to print the baggage tag, the passenger has to mention the PNR number on a thick piece of paper and strongly bind it with the bag
  • Every passenger has to wear a face mask before entering the terminal
  • Reporting time: 2 hours before departure
  • Passenger to travel in personal vehicle or authorized taxi following the norms as per MHA
  • Walk through Screening Zone before entering terminal
  • The health status of a passenger is to certify through the AarogyaSetu App. Passengers with red status can’t travel


  • Passenger should not reach late to the airport
  • Passenger must avoid travel if he/she is living in a containment zone
  • Passenger must not travel if he/she has been tested positive for COVID-19



If a passenger with no permission to fly, found taking air journey, he/she will have to face legal consequences.
The passenger shall give a declaration to the following:

  • I am not living in any containment zone
  • I do not have any symptom of Coronavirus
  • I am not under quarantine
  • If I develop any symptom of coronavirus, I shall contact the concerned health authorities on immediate basis
  • I haven’t tested positive for COVID-19
  • I’m eligible to travel as per the extant norms
  • I will provide my mobile number/contact details whenever required by the airline
  • I understand that If I air travel without meeting the eligibility criteria, I would be liable to penal action
  • I’m adhere to the Health Protocol prescribed by the Destination State/UT

The airlines will have to make sure that the boarding pass is issued to the passenger only if he/she confirms all the above declaration In case of a PNR having more than one passenger, the declaration would be considered to be covering all the passengers mentioned in the PNR


  • It is mandatory to wear the mask throughout the journey
  • Wear mask while getting off the vehicle & be prepared with all required documents
  • Pass through thermal screening before entering terminal
  • Get checked for temperature and show the health status in AarogyaSetu App at the entry gate
  • In case AarogyaSetu app is not installed, passenger should be facilitated to head to a counter where AarogyaSetu app can be downloaded
  • Passenger to show his/her identity card and boarding pass to the CISF staff at the Entry Gate
  • Passenger to show his/her PNR to the staff at baggage drop counter
  • The use of trolley baggage should discourage
  • An electronic receipt shall be sent to the passenger
  • Passenger to follow social distancing which would be specified at the airports through circle/square markings
  • Passenger to complete the check-in and baggage drop process at least 60 minutes before departure


  • Arrangements have been made at the airports to guide passengers to walk through the pre-embarkation security screening
  • Passenger to follow all security screening rules and divest all metal from the body
  • Passenger to carry only 1 hand luggage as per specified size
  • Passenger to cooperate with security staff by following every instruction of safety and security


  • Passenger to move to security hold area after security screening
  • Passenger to follow social distancing and sanitization protocols during waiting in the security hold area
  • Chairs marked ‘Not For Use’ should not be occupied
  • While moving around at the airport, passengers should follow social distancing & maintain hygiene.
  • Passenger to be aware of the locations where sanitizers would be available
  • Passenger to dispose of all the biohazardous material like used masks, gloves, tissues, etc. in the yellow-colored disposable bins/bags


  • Passenger to be attentive towards various communication material displayed at the airport about health advisory related to pre-boarding and during the flight
  • Passenger to collect the safety kit (mast & sanitizer) from the airlines near the boarding gate
  • Passenger to wear mask and sanitize his/her hands before moving towards the boarding gate
  • Passenger to be attentive towards boarding announcements and reach the boarding queue by following social distancing
  • Display of ID cards & check-in of boarding pass would be done by the passenger by self-screening of an e-boarding pass


  • Passenger to follow hygiene and sanitation. Face to face interaction to be minimized
  • Use of toilets to be minimized & avoid any non-essential movement in the aisles
  • No queuing at the toilets. Only one companion for children/elderly would be allowed
  • No meals to be served on board. Water to be made available on the seats. Eatables not allowed during the flight
  • No newspaper/magazines will be provided onboard. No onboard sale of any item
  • If the passenger feels fatigued or has respiratory distress, crew should be immediately informed


  • The disembarkation from the airlines would be sequential
  • To disembark, passengers to strictly follow the instructions of the crew
  • Social distancing should be maintained at the airport and during the flight


  • Passenger to wait at the baggage hold area till the baggage arrives
  • Transit passengers are not allowed to come out from the transit area


  • Passengers to hire only authorized taxis
  • Passengers to follow social distancing and hygiene while traveling in any vehicle
  • On arrival at the destination, passenger to stick to health protocols as prescribed by the destination State/UT
  • For queries, go to, or Helpline 1075 (Toll Free)

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