Hong Kong

Dazzling high rise towers to splendid coast lines, Jet speed bullet trains to Double Decker trams, uncountable shopping malls to streets decked with myriad of fancy restaurants and cafes; Hong Kong is undoubtedly one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. Acknowledged as a business and financial hub, Hong Kong is also named as “Asia’s World City.” A former British Colony and relics representing the charm of Victorian Era, Hong Kong is the typical example of ‘East meets west’. A trip to Hong Kong is like a trip to future, with elements of history still involved.


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Get Ready for Malaysia – Top 6 Things to do

With just three simple words, Malaysia won more than 7.4 million tourists and became the 2nd most visited tourist destination in Southeast Asia. The marketing campaign “Malaysia, Truly Asia” was a huge success and the tourists flocked to this amazing country.   Sandwiched between the tourism-friendly countries: enigmatic Indonesia, exotic Thailand and glamourous Singapore, Malaysia is a refreshing mix of …

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